Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy

In March 1993, Dennis Watts founded the Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy. His aim is to offer Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses and associated health arts to empower and improve the well being of students, health professionals and alternative lifestyle seekers.

The Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy is recognised nationally as a school of excellence, producing many Grand Champions and competition medal winners. The Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy and its founder are registered and affiliated in China with the China-Australia Wu-Shu Association, China Yang Shuo International Kung-Fu Shaolin School and the International Wu-Shu Federation. In Australia with the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc,  Kung-Fu Wu-Shu Australia, Kung-Fu Wushu Qld., and Oceania Wu-Shu Federation and the International Wushu Federation China

All Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy Instructors are Government Accredited Australian Sports Commission Level 1 Tai Chi Coaches.