What Is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is the most popular and famous of all of Chinese martial arts, though today most people seek the art for its health benefits. The art is now performed in a slow and gentle manner, is simple, elegant and easy to learn. It’s well-balanced, fluid moves promote complete harmony of both the body and mind. Tai Chi provides mental relaxation that is essential in today’s modern stress-filled lifestyle.

The health benefits of Tai Chi are numerous and well documented. It is especially beneficial for sufferers of all stress-related illnesses, mental health, heart and blood pressure problems, arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, low immunity and the skeleto-muscular system. Tai Chi benefits ALL systems of the body by combining physical and mental exercise and is suitable for the entire physiological system of the human body. Because it is gentle and relaxing it is suitable to all ages and fitness levels.

Tai Chi has been included in the exercise program of the US astronaut.