Attune Your Body with TAO YIN

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Energy Conducting

What is TAO Yin? (pronounced Dao In). In English it means energy conducting and through its practice one is able to learn to balance, refresh, attune, adjust and regenerate the bodies energy, internal and external Yin and Yang. Externally it helps Muscles, Tendons and Bones. Internally it helps the function of the organs, circulation and secretion. Also referred to as Tao Yoga and done lying, sitting or standing, plus static or moving.

Tao Yin is part of Tao Self Cultivation and includes Physical Health foundation, the Healing Purpose of each posture, Understanding the Body, Body Physical Management and Meditation.

Balance your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT
This class consists of various exercises to gently stretch the body first thing. Some are done on the floor others sitting and standing. You will be introduced to your second brain something the Taoists knew about well over four thousand years ago. You will also be taught about and tuned into your bioelectric life force, Qi. Learn the Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Micro Cosmic Orbit and how to use them plus connecting to your energy network and more.

Please ensure you arrive a little before the class to settle yourself down prior to class. This sets the quality of the Qi in the room before starting. Bring ample drinking water with you.

Class restarting January 18, 7 – 8am

St Johns Anglican Church Hall

Park Ave, Burleigh Hds.

Cost: $10 per class as you go.

Bring an exercise mate and a small cushion for meditation.

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